Welcome to NativeCircuit

Native Circuit & Just Dream present:

AUGUST 19-23, 2021
Near Tres Piedras, New Mexico
Hosted on private land, the easy access venue is surrounded by stunning geology and deep mountain forests 5 hours from Denver. Together we are co-creating a world class immersive dance temple.
The Lotus Heart Temple is a reflection of an Inner Altar found inside each of us. We will explore four elemental activations of the Temple during the gathering, each ceremony bringing source energy to the installation. Each activation providing a more evolved stage of the music and lighting to the sanctuary.
Building the energy starting on Wednesday August 18, the sound frequencies and lighting installations will evolve each day and night to culminate Saturday night and all day Sunday with a powerful trance dance party. Come and stay with us in this potent container through Monday.

🎨ART Installations🎨
Edica Pacha
Native Circuit
Just Dream
Signal Arts
Provided by Just Dream

ONLY THROUGH BROWNPAPER TICKETS – Do not purchase from any other service/party!
$54 - no tickets online 48 hours before event
Higher @ the gate
~Prices Include camping & Parking!~

Lotus Heart Temple

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info and directions are given after purchasing a pass.

• NO DOGS WITHOUT PRIOR ADMIN APPROVAL– this is a venue *requirement*
• NO Camp Fires (contained propane camp stoves are ok)
--- No Fire Performance
• NO Renegade sound systems

Gorgeous Private Venue – Near TRES PIEDRAS in New Mexico
> Specific location and directions will be released WHEN YOU PURCHASE TICKETS AT BROWN PAPER TICKETS
The access roads are fairly soft, sandy dirt with some minor rocks and ruts. Standard clearance vehicles should have no problem when driven slowly and carefully.
Arrival before dark is highly encouraged if at all possible.
Gates open at noon Wednesday, and close at noon Monday.
Music will begin Thursday afternoon, and end at sunset Sunday. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy Sunday to the fullest extent and still get needed rest before departure.

Plan to **take your trash out with you** and leave the space as you found it

There is no running water onsite. Please bring more than enough water to get you through the weekend!
We will have composting restrooms on site.

*Please note that cell service is nonexistent, plan accordingly.
*Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees, artists, and staff.
*We look forward to dancing with you all under the full moon!

9 PM Land Activation Grounding Altar
4 Eyenok - Psychill
6 Opening Circle Drum Jam with Jopa Jones
6:30 Element Activation: EARTH with LionFire on Mother Drum
7 Meta Myth - Planetary Frequencies Live
8:30 Solomoon - Ultimae Records showcase
10:30 Malahakam - Psychill
12 AM Stage closes

12 Dragon Bodhi - Lotus Heart Activation Workshop
1:15 Chloe Grace - Indie Folk
2:15 Element Activation: AIR with LionFire on Mother Drum
2:30 Alexander - Chill Out
4:30 TreaPhort - Live
6 Cacao Ceremony w/ music by Agave on flute
7 Sun Dragon - Ecstatic Dance Temple
8:45 Element Activation: FIRE with LionFire on Mother Drum
9 Elf Arrow - Chillgressive
10:30 SchmidE - Deep House

12 AM BRNR - Tribal House
1:30 Below Zero - Live Techno
3 Stage Closes
10 Jeremy Wolf - Yoga Nidra
11 Norman Katz PhD and Issac Ananda Barbosa - The New Shamanic Medicine
12 PM TreaPhort - DJ set World Bass/Sacred Bass
2:15 Element Activation: WATER with LionFire on Mother Drum
2:30 Telomere - Drum n Bass
4 Thrower - Drum n Bass
5:30 Skyrocker - Progressive
7 Joe Evans - Progressive
9 Cyber Attack - ProgOn
10:30 Jahson - Fullon

12 AM Alberto - - Good ol’ Psytrance
1:30 Greasy Monk - Good ol’ Psytrance
3 Skyrocker - Fullon
4:30 Eyenok - Dark Progressive
6:01 *Full Moon*🌕♒︎
7:30 Odd Aub - Live
8:30 Malahakam - Zenonesque
10 All Elements Closing Ceremony with LionFire on Mother Drum and Jopa Jones
10:15 Aum Lab - Live
11:30 Solomoon - Neo Goa
1 PM Alexander - Daytime Fullon
3:00 Thrower - Fullon Psytrance
4:30 Ascension - Daytime Psytrance
6 Buddha Bomb - Classic Psychill Closing Set
9 Stage Closes

Thank you for your interest in Native Circuit 2021. - August 19-23 Full Moon Camp Out


Special thanks to Alexander, Asia, and the Just Dream team for imagining this Dance Temple into being with Avery, Rachael and the Native Circuit - Space Dub crews. Many years of vision and consideration have crafted this installation in the minds eye, now to be manifested.

This gathering reunites a 25 year exploration of transcendental festival production. Beginning in 1996, Space Dub Vibrations started the first outdoor trance parties in Colorado with the Chakra Festival series. Through decades of evolution, this current installation presents a unique collaboration with a wide variety of artists, DJs, ceremonial leaders and genius minds. This edition is designed as a multi sensory experience, a star seed activation imbued with installations to explore sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. A creatrix designed to stimulate the mind and fulfill the body and soul.

The Lotus Heart Temple is a reflection of an Inner Altar found inside each of us. We will explore four elemental activations of the Temple during the gathering, each ceremony bringing source energy to the installation. Each activation providing a more evolved stage of the music and lighting to the sanctuary.

As we begin to reintegrate with the word around us, and as we begin to learn from one another again in transformative environments, the Lotus Heart Temple is designed to grant space for evolution. Beginning with ambient and atmospheric music, sound healing and chill out, we wish for everyone to feel comfortable with each other as individuals and family units. Calm frequencies will guide us through the first phase of our gathering. Moving into some groovy mid tempo and all around the world of sound, the second phase will also interlude for performances, workshops, and cacao ceremony. Finally as we move into Saturday night, we will launch our dance temple into the cosmos with a blasting assortment of experienced psytrance performers. A closing circle will complete the activations on Sunday. We will be focusing less on a line up of DJs. We are focusing on being part of a unifying experience together, creating a space where our culture can join together to share unconditional love and compassion for the hard times we have all endured.
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